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This premium membership site gives you exclusive access to content that will help you take your business to the next level. 
  • Inside this membership, you'll find eBooks, video training, and interviews with top entrepreneurs and business experts.
  • ​This is the perfect resource for anyone who wants to scale up their business and take it to new heights as well as planning a 3 to 5 year exit strategy. 
  • With this formula, you'll have everything you need to grow your business and achieve success long-term.
  • ​Plus, you will be a part of a great community of business owners!

You Will Get Access To...

The membership site provides business owners with exclusive information and resources they need to scale up their businesses and take it to new heights as well as planning a 3 to 5 year exit strategy. This includes both online and offline content, such as eBooks, articles, checklists, etc. Business owners can access this content whenever they need it, 24/7. All the content is designed and updated to help business owners scale up their businesses without breaking the bank or losing quality.


  • On Master the art of delegation, solving operational issues and making your company more valuable in the process.
  • Learn everything you need to know about developing and implementing effective Standard Operating Procedures in your business.
  • ​Learn how to grow your business indefinitely without being the owner being the primary revenue driver.
  • ​Identify ways to make your business less reliant on you.
  • ​Read stories from business owners who made bold, decisive moves during periods of economic uncertainty and they might help you in these uncertain times.


  • Manuals for how to scale businesses without much difficulty.
  • Checklists to invest in the right tools and technology to help them to streamline their operations, save time and money.
  • Worksheets for how to manage your time and scale your business effectively and efficiently.


  • Training on scalable business models.
  • Time management for business owners.
  • Expert Guest Interviews.


  • On addressing challenges facing business owners such as how to identify opportunities for growth and expansion without additional overhead costs.
  • ​On latest trends.

Audio Files

  • Listen to expert Guest Interviews.
  • Solosodes on tactical implementation topics​​.
  • ​Commentary on emerging trends.

"Build Value By Choice" Podcast

  • Podcast Transcripts.
  • ​Occasional Behind the Scenes.
  • ​Non-published content.

Meet Your Host

Nana Bonsu, Certified Business Scaling Expert

Nana Bonsu is the business consultant you need to take your company to the next level. He has a wealth of experience in building value and developing successful plans for businesses of all sizes.

His systematic approach to measuring and improving value is second to none, and he is also a highly skilled facilitator who can help you enable your business to thrive without you.

If you're looking to gain back control of your life or scale the value of your business, Nana Bonsu is the advisor you need.

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